Cabling system in place

Hey guys!

Today I bring you a new cabling system, more in theme with the current game difficulty. By that I mean that the system is again based on knowing what to do and what goes where, instead of it being hard to use because it’s so finicky.

As I said before, this brings me one step closer to the demo I will be releasing in early March, so look forward to that.


New cabling system

Hey everyone! Just a quick update on the current progress of the game.

I’m currently on cabling. It’s going to be static, at the moment, you won’t be able to freehand it until I think¬†of a better system for handling this. It will be in trend with the type of difficulty the game has, meaning you will need to know which cable goes where in order to install them.

This brings me one step close to finishing the demo I want to release pretty soon. Here are some pictures of how the cables look at the moment, really basic but they do their job pretty good.




At the moment, only the power cables are connected as other connector are in the works. Look forward to a video once the whole system is in place.

Quick update

Hey guys! I haven’t posted anything in a long time and I just ¬†wanted to get you up to speed with the stuff I have been doing in this time. It was mostly spent doing real life stuff that got in the way but I had the chance to work on the game a bit, so it’s not all lost!

I had some problems when my computer restarted while I was working and I had to re-setup the project because it got corrupted, but everything is back to normal.

Apart from fixing some bugs and some code left-overs, I have been experimenting with some color effects. I’ll link some photos here and you guys decide which one you think it’s better.