PC Building Simulator Update #10

Hey guys!
Overdue update, should have uploaded it yesterday morning but I had some computer trouble. So for this update, I have created the main menu, a simple HUD, the in-game menu and the options menu. I’ll probably have to tweak them around but this will do for the moment. I have also made a new logo and tweaked the inventory so you won’t have to select the part each time if you have more of the same kind.


Update #9

Hello once again! Today I bring you another video showing the progress I made with the game.

The changes are:
-added standoff slots and standoffs, screws to follow.
-added working pins to RAM slots and 5.25” bays.
-added fans that work, with accurate RPM.
-added the clipboard with the current job, if you’re in the career mode. Started working on HUD and menu. Ideas welcome!
-added a lot of new, accurate models(2 types of Intel Stock Cooler, Seasonic PSU, RAM, RAM slots, fans).